Buying an Electric Shower: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Is there anything more satisfying than stepping into a warm shower after a tough day at work? Or anything more soothing than a cool shower after vigorous workout? What many don’t realise is this though: not all electric showers are equal, and some will give you a far better experience than others.

Our Top 3 Electric Showers:

1. Triton Seville

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7.5 – 10.5 kW

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2. Mira Sport

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9.0 kW

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3. Creda 53557581

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8.5 – 10.5 kW

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Choosing the right shower isn’t always the easiest though, as most don’t quite understand the different features that catapult a shower from average to great. Have no fear though, as you’ll find a comprehensive buying guide below, so you can be sure that you’ll purchase the very best electric shower on the market…

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Why Buy an Electric Shower?

Electric power showers are the predominant type of shower in homes throughout the country, but some still waver over whether to buy one. The fact is this though there are so many advantages that buying one is now a no-brainer! Perhaps the biggest of these advantages is the fact that they are incredibly economical, as they only heat hot water as and when needed. This means that there’s no need to constantly heat water, just in case you happen to need a shower at some point.

Power showers are also great because they’ll work even in the event of a boiler malfunction. Other types of showers rely on the boiler to do the legwork for them, however they simply need a steady supply of cold water in order to work. There’s no extra money to pay for this convenience either: in fact, compared to all the other types of showers currently on the market, even cheap electric showers are easily the better choice.

One criticism often aimed at electric showers is the fact that they sometimes don’t produce very good water flow, thanks to a lack of pressure. This is not really a valid complaint though, as power showers can now produce the water pressure that you want and maintain temperature aslong as you get the right model.

What Types of Electric Showers Are There?

Type 1 – Standard Electric Showers

The standard electric shower is appealing to most for one simple reason: price. These are the types of showers than can be bought for relatively low sums of money, and generally work really well. Of course, this low price means that they usually don’t have loads of bells and whistles attached to them though, unlike the next entry on the list. They are generally best for households that already have decent water pressure, as there is no integrated pump to force the water out of the shower head.

Triton Collection II 9.5 kW Electric Shower Used

Type 2 – Power Showers

Power showers are the other type of shower commonly seen in homes throughout the country, and they are generally regarded as the best power showers around. While they often look the same, they do come with a slightly higher price tag, and this is for one reason: they come with a pump in them, which allows the water to be sprayed at a much higher pressure. The result? Those using a power shower will get a better experience.

Common Features to Look For

There are many different features nowadays, and all of them can be a fantastic addition to your shower routine. The best electric shower probably won’t contain all of them though, but instead will only contain the features that you really want or need. Some electric shower reviews will try to say that you need them all, but really, what’s the point in all that extra expense for something that you won’t use?

So that you can get the best electric shower for you, here are some common features you might decide you want:

  • Power. The higher the power rating of a shower, the more it will cost to run. Higher power also leads to better performance though, so you’ll have to balance the two factors against each other. Power is measured in kW and most select a shower that’s between 8.5kW and 10.5kW.
  • Temperature Control. Some showers will see their temperatures vary as they are being used, which can lead to that uncomfortable feeling of boiling water suddenly spraying at you. This can be countered by purchasing a shower with thermostatic control though, which will ensure the temperature stays constant.
  • Spray Patterns. The standard shower spray might be good for a simple wash, but what if you want to massage an area of your body, or increase the amount of water coming out? You can do this if you choose a shower with multiple spray patterns, and they are usually controlled by turning the shower head to a certain position.
  • Phased Shutdown. This won’t make a difference to how you shower, but it will help your shower to have a long life. This is because it prevents hot water from remaining in the shower unit, which can then lead to limescale build up. Therefore, phased shutdown will prevent you from having to replace your shower anytime soon.
  • Digital Display. Digital displays are only really found on the best electric showers, and they allow you to control the temperature and flow of water far more easily than a standard shower. What’s more, they look absolutely fantastic and will add an extra dimension to any bathroom – for a price, of course.

Bristan SM295 W Smile 9.5 kW Electric Shower energy rating

The Best Electric Shower Companies

Some of the names to look out for include Mira, Redring, Gainsborough, Creda Aqua Ambiance and Triton, as they are all known to produce some of the top electric showers around. It would be wrong to say that one is better than the others though, as their features will each appeal to different people.

Regardless of what brand you buy though, we do recommend that it is installed by a professional. This will cost some extra money, however it will ensure that you don’t cause damage to your home, and that they shower works perfectly for many years to come. Make sure to see our electric shower reviews as we cover a lot of the different brands and models.

Our Top 5 Best Electric Showers

After all of the reviews we have carried out we decided that below we would show you what we consider to be the top 5 best electric showers on the market considering all aspects such as price, quality, temperature control, design, power, durability and more. Feel free to read the in-depth reviews on each model to find out more.

  1. Titon Seville 8.5kW
  2. Mira Sport 9.0 kW
  3. Creda 53557581 10.5kW
  4. Triton Martinique 10.5kW
  5. Bristan GLE95 9.5kW


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