Best Electric Shower Reviews 2019

Is there anything more satisfying than stepping into a warm shower after a tough day at work? Or anything more soothing than a cool shower after a vigorous workout?

Finding the best electric shower can be difficult with so many electric shower reviews contradicting each other. Not all electric showers are equal, and some will give you a far better experience than others. This why we have assembled a variety of electric showers into one easy to digest list.

Our Top 3 Electric Shower Reviews:

1. Triton Seville

7.5 – 10.5 kW

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2. Mira Sport

9.0 kW

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3. Bristan GLE95 9.5kW

Bristan GLE95

8.5 – 10.5 kW

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Choosing the right shower isn’t always the easiest though, as most don’t quite understand the different features that catapult a shower from average to great. Have no fear though, as you’ll find a comprehensive buying guide below, so you can be sure that you’ll get the best value for money…


Our Top 5 Best Electric Showers

After all of the reviews we have carried out we decided that below we would show you what we consider to be the top 5 electric showers on the market considering all aspects such as price, quality, temperature control, design, power, durability and more. Feel free to read the in-depth reviews on each model to find out more.

1. Triton Seville 8.5kW

Triton-SevilleThere is a reason why the Triton Seville is one of the most popular electric showers on the market. Firstly price, for well under £100 you get a great shower packed full of features. The model comes in 4 different power rates from 7.5kW up to 10.5kW. This makes it a lot easier if you are replacing an existing unit as you can get a model that is of the same power rating.

This model is easy to install as it has multiple cable and water entry points hopefully meaning that you will not have to alter any pre-existing pipe work or cables to mount it.

The shower head has 5 different spray patterns which are available by simple twisting the head. This is a budget model therefore, lacks the fancy features that you get with the more expensive models but the Seville gets the job done well.

Triton have been around for over 40 years with great customer service and quality building a reputable brand. You can’t go too far wrong with any of their showers but the Triton Seville brings the best value for money. You get extra piece of mind thanks to the 2 year gurantee on parts and labour.

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2. Mira Sport 9.0 kW

Mira-SportIt was a close call between the Triton Seville and the Mira Sport. The advantage of the Mira over the Seville is that it handles lower pressure water well. Even if you water pressure is less than 1 bar the Sport will produce great pressure out of the shower head.

This model does cost a bit more than the Seville but it is still great value for money and should hopefully last longer than most showers as it designed to combat limescale by having a dual element heater tank which means the tank runs at a cooler temperature helping to reduce limescale build up by up to 50%. This model also has a phased shut down which flushes any leftover water out of the system.

The Mira also comes with a 2 year manufacturers guarantee which gives you confidence that the system is going to last.

You can also choose to use the eco mode which will help to save on water and energy.

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3. Creda 10.5kW Chrome

Creda-53557581The first thing that you will notice about the Creda 10.5 is that it has a stylish design with everything from the riser rail to the main unit all finished in chrome. This isn’t the only extra you get with spending a bit more than the Triton model.

Like the Mira, the Creda also has a phased shutdown helping to reduce limescale build up if you are in a hard water area like we are here in Bristol.

You can get this model in the 3 different power ratings of 8.5 kW, 9.5 kW and 10.5 kW. All models come with an eco-mode for in the summer months when the water is slightly warmer.

The Creda comes with an impressive 3 year guarantee making the deal that little bit sweeter.

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4. Triton Martinique 10.5kW

Triton-Martinique-10.5kwHere we have the next Triton model that is a step up in from the Seville model costing roughly £150. So what do you get for the extra money you may be asking?

Well instead of having dials you have to turn on the Seville you now get a push button to turn it on and off which allows you to leave the settings exactly as you had them from your previous shower.

You also get a phased shut down to clear the system out after you have finished it which you didn’t get with the Seville. Don’t worry having the phased shutdown doesn’t make the installation any more difficult, in fact it is just as easy to install the Martinique as it was the Seville.

Like with the Seville you also get the 2 year gurantee on part and labour if you are living in the UK.

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5. Bristan GLE95 9.5kW

Bristan-GLEWe couldn’t have a top 5 and not include the Bristan. This is a very popular model and relatively cheap to buy. The biggest difference for this model over the others in our top 5 is that it has a digital display to show you the temperature whereas the other models don’t and rely on dials instead.

Like the Mira Sport the Bristan can also cope with water pressure as low as 0.7 bar making it ideal if you have low water pressure but still want a nice powerful shower.

You get push button controls along with 3 power settings of Cold, Warm/Eco, Hot. Also included in the phased shutdown which I do like as it helps to prolong the life of your shower and keep the pressure high.

This GLE95 can achieve up to 4.5 litres per minute at 40˚C.

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6. Triton Aspirante

Triton AspiranteThe Aspirante was designed for some who prefers a minimalistic and clean lined look. You get all the features that you would need such as push button stop/start, power on indicator, phased shutdown, simple temperature control knob and has the 2-year guarantee that Triton seem to offer on all their models which gives you peace of mind that you will get your monies worth.

The unit is easy to install and only requires a minimum of 1 Bar water pressure to function properly, which most households with easily have.

You can choose from the three different finishes of gun metal, brushed steel and riveira steel which does cost a bit more but I have never seen a shower in “riviera sand” before.

Personally, I think the design of the Aspirante is my favourite out of all the Triton models as it is simple but stylish and the controls have a soft quality feel to them.

Also, see the Triton Etana 9.5kW electric shower.

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7. Triton Kito

Triton KitoThe Triton Kito is a small step up from the Triton Martinique and has all the same features such as the phased shutdown but comes in a chrome finish. The phased shutdown which you can find on other models helps prevent limescale build up in the system.

The Kito has push buttons to turn the unit on and off which means that won’t have to alter the temperature every time you decide to have a shower.

This model is very similar to the Martinique and only costs approximately £10 extra which must be for the chrome finish. Overall it is a great shower and offers an enjoyable shower experience with the power and consistent temperature that you would expect from Triton.

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8. Mira Event XS

Mira EventIf you are looking for a power shower rather than an electric one, then the Mira Event has more than enough “power” to meet your needs.

Bear in mind, that as this is a power shower so it relies on your homes hot water supply and mixes it with the cold-water feed to achieve your desired temperature. However, this allows the shower to pump the water through the showerhead with much greater rate. The size of the pump is the reason why this model costs more than the other electric showers in our top-rated list.

To alter the temperature and pressure you simply adjust the dials giving you all the control you need. The shower head comes with 4 different spray patterns which give you a powerful and massaging shower experience.

The Mira Event is a fantastic shower and gives you great water pressure, but as it isn’t technically an “electric shower” it is at the bottom of our list, but it was worth including as we think this would be a great option for some users. This would be the perfect shower to blast any dirt off of the kinds after they have been playing outside.

Also, see our Mira Jump Review for another great Mira shower.

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Why Buy an Electric Shower?

Electric power showers are the predominant type of shower in homes throughout the country, but some still waver over whether to buy one. The fact is this though, there are so many advantages that buying one is now a no-brainer! Perhaps the biggest of these advantages is the fact that they are incredibly economical, as they only heat hot water as and when needed. This means that there’s no need to constantly heat water, just in case you happen to need a shower at some point.

Power showers are also great because they’ll work even in the event of a boiler malfunction. Other types of showers rely on the boiler to do the legwork for them, however they simply need a steady supply of cold water in order to work. There’s no extra money to pay for this convenience either: in fact, compared to all the other types of showers currently on the market, even cheap electric showers are easily the better choice.

One criticism often aimed at electric showers is the fact that they sometimes don’t produce very good water flow, thanks to a lack of pressure. This is not really a valid complaint though, as power showers can now produce the water pressure that you want and maintain temperature aslong as you get the right model.

Have you ever had the water from your shower suddenly go hot or cold the moment someone turns on a tap somewhere else in your home? Well this will no longer be an issue if you have an electric shower installed. It will maintain constant temperature and pressure. Now your kids won’t be able to spoil your showering experience by playing with the taps in the kitchen.

What Types of Electric Showers Are There?

Type 1 – Standard Electric Showers

The standard electric shower is appealing to most for one simple reason: price. These are the types of showers than can be bought for relatively low sums of money, and generally work really well. Of course, this low price means that they usually don’t have loads of bells and whistles attached to them, unlike the next entry on the list. They are generally best for households that already have decent water pressure, as there is no integrated pump to force the water out of the shower head.


Type 2 – Power Showers

Power showers are the other type of shower commonly seen in homes throughout the country, and they are generally regarded as the best showers around. While they often look the same, they do come with a slightly higher price tag, and this is for one reason: they come with a pump in them, which allows the water to be sprayed at a much higher pressure. The result? Those using a power shower will get a better experience.

In our, Triton Collection II 8.5kW Electric Shower Review you can see the benefits of a power shower.

Common Features to Look For

There are many different features nowadays, and all of them can be a fantastic addition to your shower routine. The right shower for you probably won’t contain all of them though, but instead will only contain the features that you really want or need. Some reviews will try to say that you need them all, but really, what’s the point in all that extra expense for something that you won’t use?

So that you can get the right shower for you, here are some common features you might decide you want:

  • Power. The higher the power rating of a shower, the more it will cost to run. Higher power also leads to better performance though, so you’ll have to balance the two factors against each other. Power is measured in kW and most select a shower that’s between 8.5kW and 10.5kW.
  • Temperature Control. Some showers will see their temperatures vary as they are being used, which can lead to that uncomfortable feeling of boiling water suddenly spraying at you. This can be countered by purchasing a shower with thermostatic control though, which will ensure the temperature stays constant.
  • Spray Patterns. The standard shower spray might be good for a simple wash, but what if you want to massage an area of your body, or increase the amount of water coming out? You can do this if you choose a shower with multiple spray patterns, and they are usually controlled by turning the shower head to a certain position.
  • Phased Shutdown. This won’t make a difference to how you shower, but it will help your shower to have a long life. This is because it prevents hot water from remaining in the shower unit, which can then lead to limescale build up. Therefore, phased shutdown will prevent you from having to replace your shower anytime soon.
  • Digital Display. Digital displays are only really found on the top models, and they allow you to control the temperature and flow of water far more easily than a standard shower. What’s more, they look absolutely fantastic and will add an extra dimension to any bathroom – for a price, of course.Energy-Rating

The Top Rated Electric Shower Companies

Some of the names to look out for include Mira, Redring, Gainsborough, Creda Aqua Ambiance and Triton, as they are all known to produce some of the top models around. It would be wrong to say that one is better than the others though, as their features will each appeal to different people.

Regardless of what brand you buy though, we do recommend that it is installed by a professional. This will cost some extra money, however it will ensure that you don’t cause damage to your home, and that they shower works perfectly for many years to come.

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