The Mira Jump is a 10.8kW shower that features a contemporary design at an affordable price. With pressure stabalised temperature controls and easy-to-use control knobs, this unit makes a great addition to any modern shower.

Mira Jump

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  • Easy installation
  • Power and temperature controls let you fine tune your showering experience
  • Clearscale Technology cuts limescale in half for a longer-lasting unit
  • Temperature stabalisation helps maintain pressure and preferred temperature level
  • Push-button power for easy use


  • No thermal cut off feature

The only complaint we had, and it was a minor one, was that this unit doesn’t come with a thermal cut off feature. While not a deal-breaker, this is a convenient feature which shuts down the heating element if the water gets too hot to prevent scalding.

Our Mira Jump 10.8kw Review

The Mira Jump offers a number of attractive features that make showering safer and more pleasurable.

If you live in an area with hard water, the Clearscale Technology will cut limescale buildup in half, so you can enjoy your shower for longer. Over time, limescale can affect your shower’s performance and the water pressure.

There are three power options: eco, high and low. With the press of a button, you can turn this unit on and off. There’s also a separate temperature control knob that lets you set your preferred temperature and keep that way.


Mira Jump DimensionsBy the way, the water temperature is pressure stabalised, so you never have to worry about changes in pressure making your water hotter or colder.

Installation is a breeze, especially if you’re simply replacing an old shower. Multiple cable and water entry points allow for a quick and easy install. The unit accepts entry from the right and left, so there’s no need to rewire just to hook up the Mira Jump.

Mira Jump Features

  • Pressure stabalised water temperature control
  • Separate controls for power and temperature
  • Dual terminal blocks for multiple cable and water entry points
  • Clearscale Technology prevents limescale
  • Three control settings: low, eco and high
  • Easy-to-clean shower head

Overall, the Mira Jump is an excellent electric shower. It’s easy to install, offers a contemporary look and allows for complete control over the pressure and temperature of your shower. The Clearscale Technology and pressure stabalised temperature controls make this unit stand out from the crowd. If you have a modest budget, we highly recommend this model.

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