Sleek and modern yet affordable and easy to install, the Triton Kito adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom. With three power settings, multiple spray patterns and a slimmer profile, the Kito is the good choice shower for more discerning users.

Triton Kito

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Triton Kito Features

  • Push-button controls with three settings: Cold, High and Eco
  • Phased shutdown
  • Chrome design and clear soap dish
  • 5 showerhead spray patterns
  • Slimline technology
  • 2-year guarantee on parts and labour

Our Triton Kito 10.5kW Review

The Kito is one of Triton’s higher-end models, with a sleek, all-chrome design and a range of convenient features to make showering more pleasurable.

A simple push-button start and stop gets your shower started in seconds whilst the temperature dial makes it simple to find the right water temperature. The dial features a visual guide to let you know which temperature you’re choosing.

Three power settings are available with the push of a button: cold, eco and high. And to make showering more luxurious, the Kito offers five spray patterns: jet, spray, blast, rain and drench.

A low pressure LED indicator lets you know when the water pressure falls below the recommended level. Lower pressure will affect performance.

The phased shutdown feature helps prevent limescale and makes the shower safe for the next person to use by flushing out any remaining pre-heated water. This one feature alone can add years of use to your shower.

Triton Kito dimensions

Built with slimline technology, this unit is slimmer and more compact than other models in the Triton lineup. With its compact size, this shower is ideal for smaller bathrooms.

All of the parts and labour are backed by a two-year guarantee, so you can feel safe in knowing that your purchase is protected.


  • Simple push-button power controls
  • Easy-to-use temperature dial
  • Phased shutdown prevents limescale buildup and improves safety
  • Slimline technology creates a more compact design
  • Multiple spray patterns for a more luxurious showering experience
  • Backed by a generous guarantee
  • Sleek all-chrome design


  • No temperature cut-off

The only gripe we had with this model is that it does not offer an extreme temperature cut-off, which is a nice safety feature. A temperature cut-off feature would turn the hot water off when the temperature reached an unsafe level to prevent scalding. Not all units have this feature, but some mid- to high-end electric showers do.

Despite this slight drawback, the Triton Kito is an excellent choice for bathrooms of all sizes. Sleek, modern and compact, the Kito offers a spa-like shower while helping you save on water and energy each month.

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