The Martinique is a slim, sleek, modern unit that will add a touch of class to your bathroom. While its design is minimalistic, this shower offers a robust set of features to make your showering experience more luxurious and comfortable – all while saving you money. As a result the Triton Marthinique came a respectable 4th in our best electric shower guide.

If you’re in the market for a mid-range model, the Martinique may be the right fit for you.

Triton Martinique

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Triton Martinique Features

  • Push-button power controls
  • Three settings: Eco, Cold and High
  • Phased shutdown
  • 5 Spray patterns
  • Slimline Technology
  • Rotary temperature dial
  • Stylish chrome exterior
  • Low pressure indicator
  • Riser rail kit included with soap dish

Our Triton Martinique 10.5kW Review

If you’ve ever used an electric shower, you’ll find that the Triton Martinique’s design is familiar, yet its sleek chrome exterior adds a touch of class and creates a modern feel. The push-button functionality makes this shower easy to use, while the rotary dial allows you to choose the ideal temperature for your shower.

The Martinique offers three power options: Eco, Cold and High. Each setting can be chosen with the push of a button just above the temperature dial. It’s just as easy to adjust the temperature. Simply turn the knob to the left or right to increase or reduce the temperature. The dial offers a visual guide that indicates which temperature direction you’re moving in (i.e. hot or cold).

Built with Slimline technology, this model offers a more compact casing that is less obstructive.

The phased shutdown feature is also a nice addition. Water continues to run for a short time after the shower is turned off to flush the system of any remaining preheated water. Not only does this improve user safety, but it also helps prevent limescale buildup.

A low pressure indicator warning also lights up to alert you when pressure levels become low. Five showerhead spray patterns make showering even more luxurious: jet, spray, blast, rain and drench.

Triton Martinique fitted


  • Push-button controls make this shower easy to use
  • Phased shutdown protects the unit from limescale buildup while improving safety
  • Pressure LED indicator warns you of low water pressure
  • Slim design takes up less space in the shower
  • Sleek chrome exterior for a modern look


  • Not ideal for low homes with low pressure

The Martinique, like most other unit, is not ideal for areas with low water pressure. Some have built-in features that make up for the lack of pressure, but this particular model has no such feature – few do.

The Triton Martinique is a sleek, efficient and easy-to-use and creates a spa-like feel. If you’re looking for a mid-range model with a slim profile and robust set of features, the Martinique is a good choice.

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