Bristan’s Joy 8.5kW is such a popular model that it often goes out of stock. This unit comes in two different powers: 8.5kW and 9.5kW. The difference in price between the two models is a mere two pounds, so you won’t have an issue choosing one or the other based on price alone.

Constructed with plastic ABS, this unit is all white in colour and has a chrome rail and showerhead for a sleek, professional look.

Bristan Joy 8.5

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Bristan Joy 8.5 kW Features

  • 5kW – 9.5kW
  • Water pressure of 0.7 – 10.0 bar
  • BEAB approved
  • 3 power settings
  • On/off operation
  • Simple dial temperature control
  • Thermal cut and pressure relief safety
  • Phased shutdown options

Bristan Joy 8.5 kW Review

Perfect for a second bathroom or homes with inadequate hot water supply, the Joy makes installation easy with 5 directional inlet options and a 15mm push fit. Cold feeds only need to be attached to this unit.

The riser rail and showerhead are all chrome, and there is a soap holder attached, too.

A power button on the center of the unit illuminates when on, and a knob allows you to choose between three power settings:

  • Cold
  • Warm/eco
  • Hot

When the water is cold (those cold winter months), change the setting to cold so that the heating element can go into overdrive to heat the water. Eco/warm is the most common setting as it allows you to save money.

Shutting off the unit will put it in phase shutdown mode. This is a mode where the unit works on your behalf to reduce the amount of limescale buildup to ensure a proper flow and long-lasting shower.

Flow rate is 4.0 litres, and the chrome showerhead offers a high-quality look that will fit in any bathroom.

Bristan Joy dimensions

Temperature is kept at a constant, consistent level when showering, which is a nice addition, especially if you have a home with a subpar water heater.

And the soap tray is big, so you can fit even shower gel on it along with bar soap so that it’s all located right in front of you.


  • Water temperature remains at consistent levels
  • Phased shutdown reduces limescale
  • Easy fit in most showers


  • Warranty is misleading

The company’s sales pages often states that the unit has a five-year warranty, but this isn’t the case. Only a two-year warranty is offered, so keep this in mind when making your purchase. Aside from this minor quirk, this unit is a top rated electric shower, and keeps water temperatures nice and consistent.

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