Mira Sport’s 9.0kW White/Chrome shower offers complete manual temperature control over your shower. It comes with a DualElementTM heater tank that combats limescale buildup and also had set-and-forget controls. The controls allow you to set the temperature (find that perfect temperature for you), and shut off the unit while keeping the temperature set.

The Mira Sport came second in our best electric shower guide. Lets see why….

Mira Sport

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You’ll be able to jump right back into the shower the next time you’re ready to use it and enjoy that perfect temperature without touching a dial.

Mira Sport 9.0kW Review

Long-lasting and easy to install, this shower has it all – really. There are separate controls that allow you to power on the unit or adjust the temperate so that you never need to fiddle with the temperature once you find that perfect level.

A power light indicator tells you when the unit is on, and when installing, you’ll find cable entry on the left and right of the unit. Water entry can be from the top, bottom, back or sides.

Safety is offered, as the unit will shut off the heat if water flow is obstructed. The slide bar allows you to adjust the showerhead height, or you can take it off for a handheld shower. The Clearscale technology works to eliminate limescale buildup by up to 50%.

Four shower modes are available:

  • Eco
  • Force
  • Start
  • Soothe

And a soap dish is integrated in the unit, so you can safely have a place to put your soap when done showering.

Mira Sport Dimensions

The showerhead has its own spray options, with four options to choose from. There is also a rub-clean nozzle that eliminates limescale from the showerhead itself.

What really makes this white and chrome unit special is that it will work with low water pressure – as low as 1 bar water pressure. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy a shower even with low pressure – something other models don’t offer.


  • Designed to combat limescale
  • Easy to install and use
  • Showerhead offers four spray options


  • Isn’t as powerful as other units

Some users have complained about the unit not being as powerful as other units from Mira. We didn’t have this issue, but we don’t have very low water pressure either. This could be a case where a person had 1 bar water pressure and was expecting the unit to correct the issue – it won’t.

An all-around good buy, this is the ideal shower for any household, and it works with even the lowest water pressure, which is a plus.

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