The Triton Etana comes in two different models: 8.5kW and 9.5kW. We’re going to be focusing on the 9.5kW model in our review of the Triton Etana. The main difference between the two models is the power, but all of the features are identical.

Not ideal for use outside of the UK, this is one of the best electric showers on the market.

And all it takes is a quick look at the features to appreciate just how well the Etana performs.

Triton Etana

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Triton Etana Features

  • Slimline technology
  • 5 showerhead spray patterns
  • Push button on/off
  • Three power control options (cold, eco and high)
  • Low pressure indicator
  • Power indicator
  • Easy install
  • 2-year warranty on parts and labor

Triton Etana Review

Triton makes installation a breeze with a user guide that provides all of the directions needed for a fast install. And there is even a UK call number that can be used to help with the installation process if you have any questions or concerns.

Water entry can be filtered to the top, bottom or back of the unit. You can also place the cable on the top or back of the unit – very convenient when installing.

Stylish, this model also comes with a riser rail kit to allow for flexible showering. Chrome is used on all of the controls to add to the shower’s aesthetics.

A turn of the dial allows you to choose between three power settings:

  • Cold
  • Eco
  • High

Cold is the right choice when you want just cold water. High is ideal for winter months when the water entering the unit is colder than normal. Eco is the right setting for moderate temperatures, as it uses half the power.

Triton Etana Entry Points

The temperature dial can be adjusted to your liking, and there is a push button start and stop that allows you to maintain your water temperature at all times. Water pressure problems are brought to the user’s attention with the water pressure light that illuminates.


  • Showerhead offers jet, blast, drench, rain and spray options
  • 2-year guarantee provides security to the buyer[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”160″ identifier=”B0070Z7G32″ locale=”UK” src=”” tag=”showershowroo-21″ width=”128″]
  • Water is kept at the desired temperature without pressure loss


  • Showerhead holder swivels around

The showerhead holder allows the sprayer to move if the water pressure is too high and the head isn’t properly secured. This is a minor issue, and it’s one that we didn’t experience personally.

Maybe it was a faulty holder?

In either case, our own experience was exceptional. We also liked that the riser rail had a soap holder in place to make life a little easier.

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