The Triton Alicante is an affordable electric shower that runs at 8.5kW, and offers an easy install and long-lasting capability. A sleek design and modern finish allows this shower to fit perfectly on tile and stone bathrooms, or porcelain, too.

Beautiful aesthetics aren’t the only thing that this shower has to offer consumers.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this model before going into our Triton Alicante review.

Triton Alicante

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  • Exceptional water temperature
  • Easy to install when swapping out an old unit
  • Lots of control settings to make your shower comfortable


  • The hose is too short for some users

We didn’t personally have a problem with the hose, but some other consumers did. The issue is that the hose or assembly may not match up perfectly with your old unit. There really is no way to overcome this aside from buying a new hose – they’re very cheap.

Anyone that is replacing an older Triton model will find that replacement is usually straightforward and takes a mere 20 minutes.

Triton Alicante 8.5kw

The Alicante comes with everything needed to swap out an older model. If you don’t have an electric shower currently, you’ll need to hire a professional to install it for the easiest method. But if you’re even somewhat handy, you can probably do the install yourself with just a few piping fittings.

When it comes to the shower itself, it’s simple and easy to use.

The front of the unit has a dial temperature control, and there are also on/off controls so that you never have to readjust the temperature during your next shower. There are also three power settings that allow you to control the overall flow of your shower.

A low pressure indicator is present, which will let you know if the pressure of your water is too low. It’s also important to note that the unit comes with a plastic showerhead. The showerhead isn’t a top tier showerhead, but it does work well. You can swap out your showerhead if you don’t like it.

The water pressure that this unit provides is good, too. And the showerhead, while plastic, does have adjustments that allow you to quickly enhance the pressure for a “stronger” shower.

For the low price point, it’s very hard to compete with the Alicante.

If you’re replacing a T80i, most – if not all – connections will fit perfectly, allowing for a quick and easy install.

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