Some electric showers are complicated and difficult for the everyday person to install. The Triton Seville is different. Easy to install and use, this unit has multiple water and cable entry points, and even comes with a rail kit.

If you’re looking for an affordable, simple electric shower, the Seville may be an excellent choice for you.

Triton Seville

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Triton Seville Features

  • Rotary power control: Cold, High, Eco
  • Rotary temperature control
  • Numerous water and cable entry points
  • 5 water spray patters
  • Riser rail kit included with soap dish
  • Minimum pressure: 1 bar at 8 l/min.
  • 15mm compression inlet connection
  • 2-year guarantee on parts and labour
  • 5kW

Our Review of the Triton Seville 8.5kW

The 8.5kW variation of the Seville is easy to install and compatible with most home water systems. The 10.5kW version has tougher water pressure requirements, but this model requires pressure of just 1 bar at 8 l/m.

Multiple cable and water entry points are built into the unit, making installation a breeze. A riser rail kit is also included with brackets to make life easier.

As for the shower itself, you’ll find that this model gives you a surprisingly high level of control over your showering experience.

A rotary knob lets you control the start/stop feature and the power level of the shower: cold, eco and high. Another rotary knob lets you control the temperature of the water, ranging from hot to cold. The dial is numbered, with levels 1-5 being on the colder side, and 6-10 on the warm/hot side.

Five showerhead spray patterns are offered: spray, jet, blast, drench and rain. The various spray patterns make the shower feel more luxurious and allow for even more personalisation when showering.

The included rise rail offers an adjustable shower head holder and a soap dish for added convenience.

To put your mind at ease, the Seville comes with a 2-year guarantee on parts and labour.

Triton Seville Dimensions


  • Easy to install thanks to the multiple entry points
  • Knobs make it easy to control pressure and water temperature
  • Multiple spray patterns give the shower a spa-like feel


  • Economy setting still may be too cold for some users

We’ve seen some complaints that the economy setting on this shower is still too cold to be comfortable. Of course, temperature preference is a personal matter, but if you have a tendency to take hot showers, this model may be too cold for you. You’ll want to either stick with the high setting, or upgrade the kW if possible.

The Triton Seville offers good value for the money. It’s easy to install and allows you to customize both the temperature and spray pattern for a personalised showering experience. We highly recommend this model for anyone on a tighter budget.

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