The Bristan Glee boasts a contemporary design with advanced features most other highly rated electric showers do not offer. Affordably priced and easy to install, this unit offers a digital display and a host of other features that will make your shower more enjoyable.

Bristan GLE95

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Bristan Glee Features

  • 3 power settings: warm/eco, cold and hot
  • Minimum pressure: 0.7 bar; max: 10 bar
  • 15mm push fit
  • 5 directional options
  • Digital temperature display
  • Push on/off button
  • Safety warning for low pressure
  • Phased shutdown
  • Temperature stabilisation

Our Bristan Glee 9.5 Kw Review

The Bristan Glee offers a unique design that’s both contemporary and elegant. Featuring a black exterior, this unit has a digital display, easy-to-use controls and simple installation.

The push-button power makes it easy to start and stop your shower. The simple temperature dial allows you to choose your desired temperature, and the digital readout will display that temperature for your convenience. The built-in stabilising device keeps the temperature consistent no matter the pressure level.

In total, there are three power settings: eco, high and hot. The eco setting delivers warm water.

The digital panel also displays warning letters when the pressure gets too low. This unit also offers phased shutdown, which pushes out any remaining water after you shut the unit off to prevent limescale buildup.


A riser rail kit is included with a built-in soap tray and adjustable bottom bracket to cover existing holes.

For added safety, this unit comes with a temperature control device that initiates when the temperature gets too hot to prevent scalding.

Bristan Glee Dimensions


  • Easy installation with 5 directional options
  • Push-start button allows you to preserve your favorite temperature setting
  • Phased shutdown prevents limescale buildup and improves safety for the next user
  • Three power settings for a personalised experience
  • Digital temperature display makes it easy to find your desired temperature
  • Temperature stabilisation keeps the temperature consistent no matter the pressure


  • LED stops working for some users

Some users complained that the LED display stopped working after a few months of use. In all likelihood, the unit was simply faulty, which can happen with any model.

There’s a lot to like about the Bristan Glee. It comes with nearly every feature you could ever want in a shower, from phased shutdown to temperature stabilisation, multiple power settings and a digital temperature display. The only thing missing is multiple spray patterns.

If you’re looking for an unit with advanced features and a sleek design, the Glee is it.

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