The Triton Thermostatic comes in Satin or White colour options, and it requires hot and cold water supply. It’s important to remember that this is a power shower that does not heat the water.

Triton Thermostatic Power Shower

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But it does allow you to take full control of your water pressure and water temperature.

With that said, the Thermostatic has an internal pump that can increase the flow rate up to 14 litres per minute, which makes it a good choice for any home or flat that suffers from low water pressure.


  • Built-in pump boosts water pressure to 14 litres per minute
  • 5 showerhead spray options
  • Controls temperature to +/- 2 degrees


  • A tad noisy

We were taken back by the noise this unit produced. A lot of people were saying that this unit was very quiet, but we think it was a little on the noisy side. It’s not an annoyance, but you’ll notice the noise when it’s on.

Triton Thermostatic Power Shower Review

Installation by an amateur is possible if you have both water lines present, but a professional will do the job much more efficiently. Cold water is not heated with this shower, so it’s not a true electric shower.

But it is ideal for any home that has low water pressure.

Triton Thermostatic Dimensions

Low water pressure leaves soap on the skin and shampoo in the hair, but this unit’s built-in pump offers the ability to boost water pressure up to 14 litres, which is a nice added perk. And the push button on/off feature allows you to maintain all of your settings so that you don’t need to change settings each time you go to take a shower.

Temperature controls are offered, and they’re accurate to +/- 2 degrees.

If your water supply gets low, the unit will shut off automatically. The showerhead has five different options:

  • Jet
  • Blast
  • Spray
  • Rain
  • Drench

And the showerhead is wider, so it will hit a wider area for a faster shower.

The hose is stainless steel, and the riser rail kit allows you to adjust the showerhead as needed. A soap dish is attached to the rail.

Keep in mind that the manufacturer doesn’t recommend this shower for homes that have higher water pressure – it’s really designed to be used in low water pressure systems.

This is a great overall buy, and the only downside is that it doesn’t heat the water for you. But if you have a large hot water tank and are lacking water pressure, this is the perfect addition to your bathroom.

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