The GROHE Tempesta is a simple electric shower that offers modern design while allowing you to take full control of your showering experience. Other features make this unit so easy to clean and keep it looking like new for months and years to come.

With multiple spray patterns, this model is a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to sacrifice comfort when switching shower.

GROHE Tempesta

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GROHE Tempesta Features

  • DreamSpray technology optimises water distribution
  • SpeedClean feature allows for easy removal of limescale buildup
  • Three spray patterns: SmartRain, Rain and Jet
  • SprayZoom feature delivers a focused jet spray
  • EcoJoy saves water and energy
  • Simple temperature dial

Our GROHE Tempesta Review

GROHE’s Tempesta offers a number of features that make it a delight to use. With different spray patterns, temperature control and technology that improves water flow, this unit turns any shower into a spa.

The Tempesta has three spray options:

  • Rain: A wide, luxurious, delicate spray that soothes the skin – like a gentle summer rain.
  • SmartRain: Similar to the rain spray, but with a reduced flow.
  • Jet: A circular spray that delivers a burst of water for a stimulating shower.

Along with the spray options, this unit also has DreamSpray technology that optimises water distribution for even, steady water flow.

A silicone ring is built into the shower head to offer shock protection.

The DreamSpray technology is what sets the Tempesta (and other GROHE models) apart from the competition. Engines inside of the shower head deliver consistent water distribution.

The StarLight finish makes it easy to clean the exterior of the unit, while SpeedClean allows for easy removal of limescale buildup.

GROHE Tempesta Dimensions


  • Three spray patterns allow for a luxurious showering experience
  • Optimised water distribution improves water flow
  • Unique technologies make the unit easy to clean
  • Dial selection and control settings are easy to adjust


  • May not work well with low water pressure

Like so many other mdoels, this unit does not work well in areas with low water pressure. In general, electric showers are not ideal for low-pressure areas because the way the unit works already reduces pressure.

We like the GROHE Tempesta because of its robust design. The three spray patterns offer a spa-like experience, and the DreamSpray technology allows for even water distribution. Easy to clean, this unit works well in any shower.

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