The Bristan SM295 offers an affordable, easy-to-install shower that comes in 8.5 kW and 9.5 kW models. This model is made of plastic ABS, and only a cold feed needs to lead to the shower to be able to offer hot water at all times.

Bristan SM295 W Smile

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A pleasure to shower with, the SM295 offers a rich set of features:

  • 15mm push fit
  • G ½” connection
  • 5 directional options
  • Water pressure minimum of 0.7bar
  • Water pressure maximum of 10.0bar
  • BEAB approved
  • 3 power settings
  • On/off rotary dial

Review of the Bristan SM295

This unit weighs just 3 kilograms, so it’s light enough for anyone to install. Installation will take about 30 minutes or less, depending on experience and your current setup. Push-in fitting of 15mm allows you to quickly connect the SM295 to the main for quick and easy usage.

The electric cable has three different connectors, so you can hook up your unit no matter which direction the power cable is coming from.

All of the instructions are simple to follow, and you’ll be up and showering within the hour.

Note: The showerhead does come with this model, which is a nice added bonus.

Easy Dial Control

Control is what the SM295 offers you. The water temperature will always be hot – that is a promise, but there is so much more. A stabilizing device allows for the changes in water pressure to be minimal.

A separate temperature control is provided so that you can choose a precise temperature at any time.

If you want to take a quick shower, move over to the power settings. These settings include:

  • Cold
  • Hot
  • Warm

And if you’re eco-friendly, the warm setting is recommended.

Bristan SM295 W Smile Connections

On/Off With Losing Temperature Setting

Operation is controlled by a rotary dial for the on and off function. This seems trivial, but the rotary dial allows you to shut off your shower without losing your desired water temperature in the process.

Anyone that uses a normal shower knows how frustrating it is to lose the “just right” temperature that took weeks to find.

You never have to worry about that again thanks to the W Smile.

Temperature is monitored at all times, with a safety mechanism engaging if the water gets too hot. This mechanism will shut off the heating element and only reengage the unit if the water temperature falls to appropriate levels.

With complete temperature control, you’ll always enjoy your shower – without ever running out of hot water. See our electric shower buyer’s guide for more choices to choose from.

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